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2021 The Unexpected Shiraz

2021 The Unexpected Shiraz


Here at Andrew Peace Wines we have produced a stunning Preservative Free wine The Unexpected Shiraz. Through an uncompromising winemaking process, the extended aging on lees has provided natural protection against oxidation, whilst giving the wine a savoury complexity. This process has plumped the body of the wine giving it further intricacy and has produced a superb bright purple hue from the rim through to its core. The nose is ripe with bold blackcurrant fruit and is sweet and luscious on the palate, with a fabulously long finish.

This rich powerful wine works well with roasted lamb or beef, with Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables and full flavoured cheeses. Our stunning Shiraz is made without the use of any animal products whatsoever making it Vegan friendly and perfect for people with sulphur sensitivities.

A wine not only unique, but so good, no one could have expected it…


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