2018 The Unexpected Chardonnay

2018 The Unexpected Chardonnay


Here at Andrew Peace Wines we have produced a stunning Preservative Free wine The Unexpected Chardonnay. 

For many years now, Sulphur is accepted as being part and parcel of the winemaking process. Well, here at Andrew Peace Wines we have looked to change this trend with our 2018 vintage, producing another stunning no sulphur wine ‘The Unexpected Chardonnay’.

A wine not only unique, but so good, no one could have expected it…”

Aromas: Developed/ripe characters of nut, honey, yeast, orange peel and burnt caramel.

Palate: Very complex with upfront honey/marmalade and stewed apricot characters.  A delicate broad acidity with a lingering cedar oak finish.

Occasion: Great shared with friends over some strong flavoursome, bitey cheeses.

Decanting: The wine appears to be slightly spritzy at first which will dissipate after a couple of minutes or decanting