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Our Story

40 years of being a family owned winery

Through three generations of Peace family toil the ‘country retreat’ vineyard produced its first vintage in 1995 and a commercial winery was born.

Every vintage since has accompanied another chapter of family life – celebrations, milestones and happy memories.

Nurtured from the rich Murray River bank soil, the vineyard was established in the 1960’s. From a humble beginning in 1995 with a grape intake of 1711 tonnes, Andrew Peace Wines has grown to be one of Australia’s largest family owned wineries, crushing over 43,000 tonnes per year.

Our winery is utterly contemporary, driven with sound business acumen and utilising first class technology. We are proud to be consistently among the top 20 performing Australian exporters and enjoy sharing our award winning wines with the world.

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"A lot has changed since dad drove past the vineyard in 1980 and bought it as an excuse to escape from the city. The family has put in a lot of hard work since then to build ourselves into one of Australia’s leading family owned wineries. I hope you enjoy these wines as much as we’ve enjoyed making them."

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Geology, soil & climate combine to create Australia’s most unique growing conditions



Forty million years ago, with the forces of water and tectonic plate movement, Australia’s Murray River system was born. The third longest navigable river in the world. These events caused the inland flow of rich fertile sediment and soil layers. Now commonly referred to as the ‘Food Bowl of Australia’, it is Andrew Peace Wines’ main source of water and nutrients.



More than 400km inland, the climate is semi-arid with hot summers and cold to mild winters. With a characteristic akin to a ‘continental climate’ not unlike Burgundy; and very similar to the typical maritime or Mediterranean climates of almost all other Australian wine regions.


Nutritious sandy and clay earth provide Andrew Peace Wines with a soil type typical of Champagne and Burgundy, and ideal for both red and white wines.

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