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Brilliant tips on creating the best boujie BBQ this summer

By Fionnuala Bourke Commercial Editor Charlotte Roszko

Originally published on Manchester Evening News

It's time to spend some quality time with our friends and loved ones and celebrate summer - and what better way to bring everyone together than a boujie BBQ.

You can't beat delicious fresh food smoking and a-sizzling on the grill, fantastic company and some wonderful wine to elevate the occasion.

A whopping 49% of Brits believe that the barbie is the best way to entertain over the summer - with a quarter aiming to give their guests a boujie experience on par with fine dining, according to research from Andrew Peace Wines.

The family-owned Aussie wine brand, stocked in Co-op stores, spoke to Brits in May and were delighted to hear that virtually all of us think that food, drink and family are key to an amazing summer.

In case you aren't familiar with the boujie BBQ yet, we have top tips from two experts to help you become masters of al fresco eats - Michelin-starred chef Skye Gyngell and YouTube sensation Christian Stevenson, AKA DJ BBQ.

From live fire cooking to chilled vibes they can help you to create the ultimate al fresco fine dining experience- and there's some great advice from Andrew Peace Wines too.

Good times are now - so read on to find out how to create the best boujie barbecue this summer.


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