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2020 Australia Felix Sagrantino

2020 Australia Felix Sagrantino


This wine is clear with a deep garnet bowl fading to a faint brickish orange rim. The wine is clean on
the nose with medium intense aromas of morello cherry, stewed red plum with enhanced secondary  developed characters of vanilla, cedar, clove, cinnamon and tobacco.
The wine is dry on the palate with medium acidity, confirming stewed red plum and prune with
emerging red cherry and rhubarb. Secondary and developed characters of vanilla, liquorice, cedar,
clove, cinnamon, earthiness, leather and tar eventuate on the palate coupled with medium plus
chalky tannins to create a full bodied but layered structure with a pleasant finish and
generous length.



  • The reason why Andrew Peace Wines grows Sagrantino is due to Andrew, while in Italy sampling some Sagrantino. Andrew was so impressed with the potential of thewine he arranged to import the variety into Australia. It took nearly 3 years to have the grafts approved for planting in Australia. The first planting was 10 acres and that is still the largest planting of Sagrantino in Australia.

    The process in making this wine is following the method applied by the people in Italy. Following harvest and the fermentation and colour extraction the wine is set aside and oak hands khan 12 and 18 months, or until it has reached it's optimum maturation.It will be lightly filtered and prepared for bottlingr.

    First vintage was 2005. Only 6000 litres (6600 bottles) was produced

    There only remains 368 bottles. The first attempt received positive acclaim from the wine industry. Some commentators were unsure of the variety when tasting it young. Since those early days the concensus now is that the variety can withstand any test in respect to intensity of fruit flavour, weight and body.

    The 2006 vintage was unsuccesful and no bottling occurred. The grapes were not good enough to make wine the head winemaker would be happy with.

    The 2007 vintage was a very good turn around. It produced quality grapes with good structure and high potential for long term cellaring. The success of the vintage was displayed in how quickly the wine was sold. The only wine remaining is in our Museum stock and is not for sale. Bottles produced were 9,869.


    2008 vintage was a quiet success. When the wine was bottled (13,250 bottles) and after the customary waiting period of 12 months before the wine begins to develop it's own style and profile, the belief was that it fell short of the previous vintage. The 2008 vitage was a wonderful and pleasant surprise. After 3 years in the bottle it has emerged with the same grace as spring does following winter. It has opened up and blossomed into a complex, firm and fruit driven wine drinking experience.

    2009 vintage flowed very well. The grapes were harvested with very little fuss . It produced a vintage that the winemakers were happy with . The barrel aging in American and French oak has structured the profile for long term cellaring. the vine is still very tight and oak cj pronounced . With time this Vintage will be a stand out. We were very Confident with this wine that we parked the whole vintage of 12,880 bottles .


    2010 vintage was equal to the cart one . The wine is bottled and waiting to develop. The feeling So far is that this vintage will display good weight and depth of fruit flavour reminiscent of the 2007 vintage . Only in time we will discover how wine can be as different and ever changing. Keeping in line with our production levels the usual small quantity of 11,870 bottles was produced.


    2011 vintage was good but in smaller quantity


    2012 vintage was great. It was outstanding on quality and quantity. The younger vines produced some high quality fruit that supported the more mature vines. It was a fortunate situation of good planning and very good vineyard maintenance. At this time the wine indicates strong back palate and tight tannins that will balance out in the next 2 to 3 years of bottle aging. Keep this vintage on your shopping list for 2018 wine drinking. This wine is limited to only 10,680 bottles.

    2013 vintage has just been has just been bottled. The Head Winemaker believed it was time for the wine to leave the barrel and complete its development in the bottle.

    There were 13,260 bottles packaged






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