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2021 Full Moon Chardonnay

2021 Full Moon Chardonnay


We are blessed in the Mallee to have such evening delights that fill our memories.

So too, we remember Andy Boothroyd (Boothy) A vibrant contributor to our day who was part of the “Sales and Friends to all” department. We celebrate his memory with this Chardonnay.



Blended from barrel aged Chardonnay. There are notes of tropical fruit and honeysuckle undertones. Has good length and structure with a bright palate and crisp acid on the finish. 


It was a balmy warm evening in late summer and the moon was revealing its presence. Andrew rings! “Hey, George, the moon is really big and low tonight, can you go out and take a photo? It looks huge. I’m looking at it from the west side over the top of the vines”.

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