2019 Colour Of Raven Cabernet Sauvignon

2019 Colour Of Raven Cabernet Sauvignon


Over the dark shadowy surrounds, the aerial acrobatic show performed by the conspiracy of Ravens brings the true Colour of Raven. In the light of the moon they are dancing in the night sky.

The Colour of Raven wine can change from jet black to a purple, bluish tinge and a dark red in various lights, just like the feathers of the Raven.

The deepest dark colour is brought about by a rich Cabernet Sauvignon grape from the Limestone Coast in South Australia, delivering blackcurrant fruit on the nose. Displaying juicy, plump blackberries, spiced with licorice. Ageing in oak barrels gives this wine a complexity of eucalyptus and herbaceous flavours on the palate.

2022 James Halliday - Silver